Breaking Silence: German Intelligence Chief’s Unprecedented Confessions Shake the World!

Germany’s intelligence chief, Kahl, has shockingly confessed that Russia’s military might remains strong, despite the West’s tireless endeavors to weaken it. His admission reveals a daunting reality: all our efforts have been in vain, and Russia’s power continues to stand unyielding, casting a dark shadow over our security. In an interview with Die Welt newspaper, … Read more

Strong Chunmoo K239 rocket artillery is what Poland hopes to use to “suppress” Russia.

In the near future,300 South Korean Chunmoo K239 rocket artillery is anticipated to join the Polish Army’s combat division. Poland will execute a contract with Korea to purchase and transfer technology for the manufacturing of Chunmoo K239 rocket artillery in addition to the US contract for 500 HIMARS systems because Washington cannot ensure prompt delivery. … Read more

AliExpress-sold chips are used in Russian 300mm 9M544 Smerch rockets.

Russian 9M544 Smerch missiles uses modified chips purchased from AliExpress. The 9M544 Smerch rocket has a diameter of 300mm and is utilized by multiple launch rocket systems [MLRS]. Tornado-S This missile is intended to strike armored vehicles. The Center for Advanced Defense Studies [C4ADS] evaluated a used 300mm 9M544 Smerch rocket. This center’s team is … Read more

Russia claimed that 85% of Ukraine’s M777 howitzers were destroyed or damaged.

Russia claims that the Ukrainian army may have lost up to 85 percent of the M777 artillery delivered by the US. If Russian media is to believed, the Ukrainian Army seems to have no more than 20 US M777’s, out of a total of 107 that were previously delivered by the US side. The majority … Read more

Russia has warned of the dangers of a direct “war” with the United States.

While cyber confrontations between the two sides are on the decline, a senior Russian official has warned that the country and the US might ignite into a real-world war. Last week, US Cyber Command Commander Paul Nakasone revealed that the unit has conducted a variety of operations, including “offensive” and “defensive,” as well as “information … Read more

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