US vows to deal a fatal blow if North Korea uses nuclear weapons as leverage

If North Korea launches a nuclear strike as the law has just been enacted, the United States has committed to react with “overwhelming and decisive” action. “We are devoted to continuing our efforts to deploy all forces to bolster the alliance’s capacity for deterrence. After a vice-ministerial meeting of the Expanded Deterrence Strategy and Advisory … Read more

Indonesia is considering purchasing BrahMos missiles from India.

Following the Philippines, Indonesia will be the second Asean nation to buy Indian-made missiles. Another export order for the shore-based anti-ship BrahMos cruise missile before year’s end will give India’s Act East Policy a boost. To Military Cognizance, sources have confirmed The Indo-Russian BrahMos supersonic cruise missile is being exported, and talks with Indonesia are … Read more

Russia claimed that 85% of Ukraine’s M777 howitzers were destroyed or damaged.

Russia claims that the Ukrainian army may have lost up to 85 percent of the M777 artillery delivered by the US. If Russian media is to believed, the Ukrainian Army seems to have no more than 20 US M777’s, out of a total of 107 that were previously delivered by the US side. The majority … Read more

Why did Indonesia choose the US F-15 for 5 times more expensive than the Russian Su-35?

Under pressure from Washington, Jakarta chose to buy an American F-15 fighter jet that is five times more expensive than a Russian Su-35 with almost equivalent features On February 11, the Indonesian Ministry of Defense signed a contract worth 13.9 billion USD to buy 36 Boeing F-15 Eagle heavy fighters from the US. This makes Indonesia … Read more