Ukraine fires a commander of a military unit for disclosing the full extent of the damage

The commander of a combat unit was demoted and assigned to a training position after Ukraine accused him of exaggerating Kyiv’s damage in Bakhmut. Anatolii “Kupol” Kozel, battalion commander of the 46th Air Assault Brigade, has been dismissed by the Ukrainian army and moved to the position of training officer, according to Valentyn Shevchenko, a … Read more

Ukraine receives negative news once more as it is being besieged in Bakhmut.

Although the Ukrainian army was unable to advance because the Russian assault spears had reached the core of Bakhmut city, they learned of yet another negative development. According to the Ukrainian state news agency Ukrinform, on March 4 the Ukrainian forces defending Bakhmut were surrounded by the Russian Army; the situation there is very difficult, … Read more

Russian forces besiege the strategic city of Bakhmut.

The Russian army has surrounded the city of Bakhmut, barring nearly all of the roadways used by the Ukrainian armed forces, according to Apty Alaudinov, leader of the Akhmat special forces unit in Lugansk. He claims that the Russian forces would soon seize the region, even though the Ukrainian army only controls one route. In … Read more

In Ukraine, Russia is about to make its biggest gain since the summer.

Moscow is on the verge of making its biggest victory since August after taking nearly complete control of the mining town of Soledar in eastern Ukraine. In spite of some of the heaviest combat in the war, Ukraine has so far managed to hold strong in Bakhmut, just north of the town. The russian mercenary … Read more

According to a Lugansk separatist official, Ukraine is losing one battalion each day and may shortly retreat.

According to pro-Russian separatist officials in the Lugansk region of Donbass, Ukraine may soon evacuate the fighting forces because of recent severe damage. The Ukrainian armed forces may remove their units stationed in the area of Lugansk due to the high number of military deaths, according to Vitaly Kiselyov, a representative of the interior service … Read more

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