To combat China, India “shows off” its homegrown attack helicopters.

India has shown its first group of homegrown assault helicopters with a focus on mountainous terrain. The new design is anticipated to be utilised against China in Himalayan regions that are under dispute. On October 3, India unveiled a batch of homegrown helicopters that are intended for use in high-altitude regions like the Himalayas, where … Read more

For its trio of aircraft carriers, China has difficulty finding pilots.

The Chinese navy is having trouble finding pilots for three aircraft carriers, including one that has just been launched, according to Chinese analysts. Following the commissioning of the aircraft carrier Liaoning, the Chinese Navy has increased its carrier fighter pilot training programme over the past ten years. However, according to a piece in the Chinese … Read more

China sends J-20 stealth fighter to Taiwan Strait

The Chinese Air Force announced that the J-20 stealth fighter has been deployed on a mission over the Taiwan Strait as tensions rise. “J-20 fighter jets, J-16 fighter jets, H-6K bombers, and domestically-produced Y-20 refueling aircraft flew over the Taiwan Strait, reinforcing the ability to defend national sovereignty and national sovereignty.” our family,” said Senior … Read more

Taiwanese drone Albatross II has a 250 km range and can fire hypersonic Sky Word II missiles.

The Taiwanese army made the decision to equip itself not just with Flyingfish bomber armaments from JC Tech but also with homegrown Bayraktar substitutes. An improved version of the Albatross strike drone is being developed by Geosat Aerospace & Technology. What We Know, So Far The Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone’s Taiwanese counterpart is called the … Read more

India has put its first homegrown aircraft carrier into service.

In an endeavour to advance its naval prowess and defence autonomy, India commissioned its first homegrown aircraft carrier, the Vikrant. “This is a significant accomplishment and a historic day. It serves as an illustration of the government’s efforts to make India independent in the military industry “At the ceremony on September 2, the aircraft carrier … Read more