The US attempted to export F-14s to China but was unsuccessful.

When the Sino-American relationship was still in its honeymoon period, the US tried to sell China the F-14 Tomcat, its most modern fighter jet. However, the deal was a failure. The F-14 Tomcat is regarded as the famous fighter of the US Navy because it served as the primary fighter during the Cold War’s most … Read more

Australia infuriated after Chinese jets disrupt reconnaissance mission over South China Sea

The Australian Defense Ministry accused the Chinese fighter of “dangerous” cross-sectional activity, endangering Australia’s P-8 reconnaissance aircraft patrolling in the South China Sea. The Australian Department of Defense announced today that an incident between the country’s P-8 reconnaissance plane and a Chinese J-16 fighter happened on May 26 in South China Sea airspace. Australia stated … Read more

Taiwan aims to replace US self-propelled artillery amid contract stalemate

Taiwan’s Self-Defense Forces indicated that they were looking for a replacement for the US M109A6 cannon after Washington announced that the purchase would be many years late. “Due to an overloaded production line, we have been notified that delivery of the M109A6 self-propelled artillery systems will be delayed until until 2026. Officials are considering precision … Read more


This year, the Pakistan Air Force will get the FKD-900P and other EADS systems, as well as a Pakistan-specific derivative of the CHL-9/8 series of EW systems, to establish an integrated electronic warfare capability. The CHL-906/806/FKD-900/LDK-190 (and others) are included in the induction, along with indigenous jamming platforms, and are a ground-based offensive electronic countermeasures … Read more

China has launched a new supersonic aircraft based on NASA technology that was “abandoned” 54 years ago.

After more than five decades of NASA abandonment, China has resurrected this technology… Beijing has invested heavily in hypersonic research and hopes to have a fleet of supersonic aircraft capable of transporting passengers anywhere on the planet in an hour or two hours by 2035, according to the Chinese government’s plan. Professor Wei Xiaohui and … Read more

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