To combat China, India “shows off” its homegrown attack helicopters.

India has shown its first group of homegrown assault helicopters with a focus on mountainous terrain. The new design is anticipated to be utilised against China in Himalayan regions that are under dispute. On October 3, India unveiled a batch of homegrown helicopters that are intended for use in high-altitude regions like the Himalayas, where … Read more

Taiwanese drone Albatross II has a 250 km range and can fire hypersonic Sky Word II missiles.

The Taiwanese army made the decision to equip itself not just with Flyingfish bomber armaments from JC Tech but also with homegrown Bayraktar substitutes. An improved version of the Albatross strike drone is being developed by Geosat Aerospace & Technology. What We Know, So Far The Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone’s Taiwanese counterpart is called the … Read more

Watch the ‘China’s Switchblade’ UAV, FH-901, smash tanks.

China recently released a video of the FH-901 UAV destroying a tank. This suicide UAV is said to have many similarities with the US Switchblade model. According to the Global Times, on September 8, a video recording of a suicide drone (UAV) FH-901 destroying a tank used for training was published. The video shows the … Read more

CSIS: The US could lose 900 aircrafts if the Taiwan crisis escalates.

According to CSIS estimate, if a confrontation occurs in the Taiwan Strait, the US may lose up to 900 warplanes. On August 14, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a renowned independent policy research centre in Washington, USA, published the findings of a study on the harm of the parties in the situation … Read more