Pakistan purchases 679 cutting-edge VT4 tanks from China.

Pakistan inked a deal with China in 2022 to purchase 679 VT-4 main combat tanks, according to the most recent data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI. Under license, these tanks will be assembled and manufactured in Pakistan. It is well known that the Pakistani military uses a variety of Chinese military hardware. … Read more

A Russian lawmaker recommends acquiring Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning

admiral kuznetsov, russia’s sole aircraft carrier, has recently run into a lot of issues. the liaoning aircraft carrier, which the soviet union designed and 25 years ago sold to china, was recently proposed for purchase by a russian lawmaker. Since its 1985 inception, the Admiral Kuznetsov ship has experienced engine failure, many fires, and shipyard … Read more

China is producing more Mighty Dragon J-20 stealth fighter jets and may have already made 200 of them.

The J-20 stealth fighter is being produced more quickly in China, where at least 200 are believed to have been produced. On November 27, a Chinese military source claimed that due to the US’s increased deployment of F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters to Northeast Asia, China had sped up the production of J-20 fighter jets. … Read more

China introduces a powerful 11-barrel naval gatling gun for close-range land defense.

The gun on the trailer could provide Chinese land units with a terrifying defence against low-flying aircraft, cruise missiles, and possibly even artillery. On display at AirShow China 2022 was the new LD-3000, also known as the Type 1130 Close-in Weapon Station (CIWS). A remotely controlled turret equipped with an 11-barrel 30mm Gatling design and … Read more

China introduces “intercontinental” combat drones.

China launched the 10,000 km “intercontinental” range Wing Loong 3 military drone, which is outfitted with 16 missiles and guided bombs. The Wing Loong 3 combat unmanned aerial vehicle (UCAV) was on exhibit by the Aviation Technology Corporation of China (AVIC) as part of the ongoing Zhuhai Airshow in Guangdong. The Wing Loong 3 is … Read more

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