Russia displays the “world’s most powerful” rocket that can be used to strike asteroids.

Russia claims that due of its capacity to destroy asteroids, its RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) can be employed for space defence if necessary. The leading rocket scientist in Russia, Vladimir Degtyar, Director General of the Makeyev State Rocket Center, disclosed that the RS-28 Sarmat rocket has the capability to strike asteroids moving close … Read more

One-third of Ukraine’s artillery aid is currently dysfunctional.

For the purpose of repairing these damaged howitzers, the Pentagon is claimed to have established a repair facility close across the Ukraine-Poland border. According to sources cited by the New York Times on November, the US Department of Defense has a problem with the frequency with which Western-made artillery pieces sent to Ukraine sustain damage … Read more

UK asserts that Russia deceived Ukraine by using missiles from the Soviet era

Britain thinks that Russia is using nuclear-armed Kh-55 missiles as bait to trick Ukrainian air defences by removing their nuclear warheads. “Most likely, Russia is shooting older cruise missiles into Ukraine after disarming nuclear warheads on them. Known for carrying nuclear bombs since the 1980s, the Kh-55 aircraft is seen in pictures taken in Ukraine … Read more

Amid the escalating war with Ukraine, Russia got new Su-30SM2 combat aircraft.

The Su-30SM2 is an improvement of the Su-30SM, and it is stated to have features that are nearly identical to those of a fighter from the fifth generation, including cutting-edge radar and communication equipment. On November 21, the Russian Defense Ministry received a shipment from the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) of Su-30M2 fighter aircraft and … Read more

In retaliation to Iran, Israel may provide Ukraine with short-range LORA missiles.

If it actually occurs, Israel’s delivery of Lora high-precision ballistic missiles to Ukraine can be interpreted as a retaliation to the potential that Iran could provide Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar for Russia. Eyal Hulata, the head of Israel’s National Security Council, issued a warning that if Russia purchases Iranian missiles, Israel will provide Ukraine with tactical … Read more

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