US Navy Wants to Upgrade Troubled Zumwalt Destroyers As Soon As Possible

The problematic Zumwalt-class destroyers are slated for both short-term and long-term modifications by the US Navy. On its troublesome Zumwalt-class destroyers, the US Navy intends to start a programme of immediate and long-term improvements. Congress has been scrutinising the ship because of a number of incidents even though it has only recently finished its first … Read more

Suicide drones were utilised successfully by Russia in its military offensive in Ukraine.

Russian KUB and Lancet kamikaze drones have been actively used in Ukrainian operations, according to state corporation Rostec. “Both the KUV and Lancet UAVs have demonstrated their worth in warfare.” Both of these drone models are fast, silent, and simple to operate, with a range of tens of thousands of kilometres and exceptional accuracy, according … Read more

Russia starts airstrikes on Ukraine’s key supply route for Western weapons.

Two persons were injured in a Russian air strike on transportation infrastructure, according to a regional governor in western Ukraine. Maksym Kozytskyy, the governor of the Lviv region, said two individuals were hurt in a recent Russian air strike. He did not specify the goal of the Russian forces’ attack near Lviv. Russia struck the … Read more

The US intends to transfer Ukraine strategic UAVs armed with “hellfire” missiles.

The US is reportedly considering to transfer Ukraine long-range unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) armed with “AGM-114 Hellfire” missiles to counter Russia’s military campaign. Military cognizance, citing three sources aware with the situation, reported that US President Joe Biden’s administration planned to transfer four MQ-1C “grey eagle” unmanned aerial drones (UAVs) to Ukraine. The UAV acquisition … Read more

Russia criticizes the United States for providing rocket artillery to Ukraine.

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister denounced the United States for supplying Ukraine with HIMARS rocket artillery, claiming that the move risks a direct clash between the two countries. This is a really bad approach in our opinion. Any attempt to present this as a decision based on’restraint’ is fruitless. The fact is that the United … Read more

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