Suicide drones were utilised successfully by Russia in its military offensive in Ukraine.

Russian KUB and Lancet kamikaze drones have been actively used in Ukrainian operations, according to state corporation Rostec. “Both the KUV and Lancet UAVs have demonstrated their worth in warfare.” Both of these drone models are fast, silent, and simple to operate, with a range of tens of thousands of kilometres and exceptional accuracy, according … Read more

Russia starts airstrikes on Ukraine’s key supply route for Western weapons.

Two persons were injured in a Russian air strike on transportation infrastructure, according to a regional governor in western Ukraine. Maksym Kozytskyy, the governor of the Lviv region, said two individuals were hurt in a recent Russian air strike. He did not specify the goal of the Russian forces’ attack near Lviv. Russia struck the … Read more

Frustrated with Germany Ukraine has requested that Turkey deliver the Korkut self-propelled anti-aircraft system.

The Turkish-made Korkut self-propelled anti-aircraft system is expected to replace the previous Gepard systems pledged by Germany to Ukraine. Turkey’s Korkut self-propelled anti-aircraft gun is reported to have significantly better tactical performance than Germany’s famous Gepard 1A2 anti-aircraft gun, which was originally announced as aid to Ukraine but has yet to be delivered. According to … Read more

Drones in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

Propaganda videos about the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drones in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict are circulating on social media. But what role do these drones really play in the conflict?     Several videos have gone viral on Ukrainian and Turkish social media channels in recent days, highlighting the benefits of the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drone. Videos with English … Read more