Saab Group has increased NLAW rocket production to 400 thousand rockets per year.

Following a significant manufacturing increase announced by Saab Group, the NLAW rocket will become the most produced anti-tank weapon in history. The NLAW missile is an exceptionally powerful anti-tank weapon developed jointly by the United Kingdom and Sweden and manufactured by Saab Corporation. It has numerous innovative tactical features. The unique characteristic of NLAW is … Read more

To counter the threat from Russia, the UK will build five new frigates.

According to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Britain will spend £4.2 billion ($4.9 billion) on five new frigates from defence giant BAE Systems to bolster security “in the face of increased Russian threats.” Sunak stated in a Downing Street statement that “the UK and allies are taking actions to reinforce their security in the face of … Read more

The Brimstone, the British Decepticon wreaking havoc in Ukraine

You’ve probably heard of the Hellfire missile, but you may not be aware of a similar weapon known as the Brimstone. Hundreds of these systems have been provided to Ukraine by the United Kingdom. Brimstone can be launched from the air, the ground, or a vehicle at any time of day or night, and in … Read more

The first victory in Ukraine for the STARStreak rocket?

In the Donbass region, a Russian Mi-28NM Night Hunter helicopter is said to have been shot down by a STARStreak missile. The STARStreak missile is the latest British aid to Ukraine, and it has many advantages over traditional man-portable air defence missiles (MANPADS) such as the Stinger or Igla. After the UK announced that it … Read more

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