Fearing an attack, Russia is rumoured to be constructing a “iron shield” to defend the Kremlin.

A “steel shield” made up of air defence systems mounted on tall buildings is rumoured to have materialised around Moscow’s Kremlin. On the roofs of structures near the Kremlin, the Russian military has erected at least three Pantsir-S1 short-range air defence systems. The most recent complex is situated at 38, Petrovka Street, where the Russian … Read more

The efficiency of the US bomb GLSDB, a weapon that can penetrate Russia’s red line

There are reports that the West will give Ukraine US GLSDB bombs. This is a potent weapon. Russia quickly cautioned the West against doing so. The Kremlin warned on January 19 that if the West gives Ukraine more weaponry that can strike targets in Russia, tensions would worsen. A day after it was claimed that … Read more

Mr. Medvedev, Russia is speeding up manufacture of its most destructive weapon series.

Russia is speeding up the manufacturing of the most destructive weapons to combat the US and its allies, according to deputy chairman of the security council Medvedev. “The adversary is entrenched not only in Kiev but also throughout much of Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, and other regions. We are accelerating the development of the … Read more

President Putin: Russia can adopt the United States’ pre-emptive attack doctrine.

Putin suggested that Russia might “borrow” American strategies for ensuring its own security, such as the use of pre-emptive strikes. Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that his country might “borrow” elements of the United States’ strategies for ensuring its security, including as the use of a preemptive disarmament strike. “First, the US has a policy … Read more

Ukraine’s intelligence general says Russia is running out of Iskander ballistic missiles

Russia is running out of precision-guided missiles used to attack Ukraine’s infrastructure network, said General Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency. In an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper Pravda recently, General Budanov said that Russia actively buys Shahed drones from Iran to use in raids because the missile arsenal is “almost exhausted”. “Russia … Read more

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