Ukraine will not be able to acquire F-16s until 2025, forcing it to rely on MiG-29s.

According to Ukraine’s Defense Express publication, the country will not be able to purchase F-16 aircraft until 2025, leaving the Ukrainian air force to rely solely on the MiG-29. According to Ukraine’s Defense Express publication, the country should not expect to get F-16 fighter fighters before 2025. Simply because it takes Ukraine too long to … Read more

Russia was caught lying when it declared the destruction of Ukraine’s M2 Bradley armour series.

The Russian Defense Ministry’s claim that it had destroy four M2 Bradley armoured vehicles built in the US in the combat division of the Ukrainian army in a single day appears to have been exposed as a lie. An official statement from Moscow claims that on September 4 alone, Ukraine “lost 17 infantry fighting vehicles, … Read more

German JFS-M missiles were covertly sent to Ukraine; is it now a threat to all Russian military installations in Crimea?

According to reports, Germany has quietly given a number of JFS-M super missiles to Ukraine for deployment on HIMARS or M270 artillery batteries, which can pose a serious danger to Russia’s military position on the Crimean peninsula. According to Russian media, the negotiations between Ukraine and the US on the supply of ATACMS missiles are … Read more

HIMARS: A Rocket System that is giving nightmares to Russia in Ukraine

HIMARS: What is it? An Expert Describes – A mobile rocket launcher, the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) is exactly what its name implies. The relatively lightweight system can fire multiple rockets from its mounting on the back of a typical U.S. Army M1140 truck frame. The system is equipped with a pod … Read more

Russia is terrified about Ukrainian anti-ship missiles.

Following Kiev’s deployment of contemporary Harpoon anti-ship missiles, the Russian Navy has reduced the number of cruise missile ships in the Black Sea Fleet. According to the Ukrainian army’s Southern Operations Command, the Russian Navy has reorganised the Black Sea Fleet’s payroll. As a result, while patrols to block the Black Sea continue, this Fleet’s … Read more