Russia expanded its defense training after Ukraine stated it was preparing to retake Crimea.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has said that his nation is getting ready for an operation to retake Crimea, and Russia has made moves to fortify the peninsula’s defenses. President Zelensky claimed Ukraine was organizing an ambush operation to reclaim Crimea during a press conference on February 24. He said that Ukrainian service members are … Read more

Russia threatens to shoot down any Western fighter jet in Ukraine.

A Russian source has warned that if the West gives fighter jets to Ukraine, Russia’s air defense systems will easily wipe out the entire squadron in a matter of months. Military cognizance was informed by Viktor Bondarev, a former head of the Russian Air Force and chairman of the Federal Council for Defense and Security, … Read more

The F-16 performs substantially worse than the Su-27. According to the pilot from Ukraine

Lieutenant Colonel Fischer Dmitry Vilhelmovich, a pilot for the Ukrainian Air Force, claims that the F-16’s performance is far worse than that of his Su-27. He makes this statement in a video interview taken in the summer of 2022. The Ukrainian pilot had flown the F-16, so he used his experience to compare the two … Read more

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