It is the F-16, is it not, that the West has chosen as its fighter for the Ukrainian Air Force?

A lot of media attention has recently been paid to the topic of which fighter plane the Ukrainian Air Force will get from the West. Because the type of fighter Kyiv receives from the West has the potential to help Kyiv turn the battlefield, it remains one of the topics that garners the most public … Read more

India’s Tejas is dropped as the PAF shortlists the F-16 and Gripen in the fighter jet tender.

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) has nominated the Lockheed Martin F-16 and the Saab JAS-39 Gripen in its multi-role fighter jet (MRF) contract. Col. Maynard Mariano, a PAF spokesperson, was quoted by the Philippine News Agency as saying in a press release issued on July 6, 2022, “(The) two last competitors, (for the PAF MRF … Read more

The US Navy ceased aircraft operations after three planes crashed in a row.

After three plane crashes in a week that killed six service members, the US Navy paused non-essential flight missions to inspect troops. “Recent incidents involving naval and marine aircraft caused the commander of the Navy Air Force to order the suspension of all flying operations at all non-deployed units on June 13 to help evaluate … Read more

The United States has offered to supply missiles to Turkey.

President Joe Biden’s administration has urged the US Congress to “approve” a proposal to supply Turkey missiles and enhanced equipment. The US-Turkey arms transaction, estimated to be worth over $300 million, is likely to strengthen defence ties between the NATO allies. The potential sale, however, is not included in a $6 billion deal Turkey has … Read more

The United States has sent F-16 fighter planes to prowl the Black Sea.

American pilots from Italy’s Aviano Air Base have been ordered to march to Romania to take part in patrols in the Black Sea region. Six F-16 Fighting Falcon planes from the US Air Force’s 510th Telematic Fighter Squadron landed at Fetesti Air Base in Romania on April 29 to carry out a Black Sea patrol … Read more