China’s Air Force Outshines Russia’s: Can Gain Quick Air Superiority Over Taiwan

Recent reports suggest that Beijing has been closely observing Russia’s battlefield strategy to avoid making the same mistakes in Taiwan. While the Russian Air Force has traditionally been known to be formidable, and China’s own air force has fighter jets it secured from Russia, Beijing is still set for a better air performance than Moscow. … Read more

Poland denies the supply of F16 jet fighters to Ukraine.

Poland denies that it is in talks with the Ukrainian military to deliver F-16 fighter jets. The deputy minister of defence for Poland said that there were no conversations on this subject inside the cabinet. It is also stated that the transfer of F16 to Ukraine will undermine that nation’s defence capabilities while also escalating … Read more

Türkiye has warned of repercussions if the United States does not provide F-16 fighter fighters.

To make up for the money Ankara spent on the last F-35 purchase, Türkiye threatened consequences if the US did not send F-16 fighter jets to this country. “We wanted to purchase the F-16, but you never gave it to us. You made a commitment to fulfil it, but you didn’t. About $1.4 billion was … Read more

Ukraine denies attempting to acquire 24 F-16 fighter planes.

The Ukrainian Air Force denied pressing the West to send 24 F-16 jets, claiming that the negotiations are still ongoing. “Regarding the aircraft, Ukraine is at the negotiation stage. The kind and quantity have not been determined, “Yuri Ignat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian air force, stated on January 28. The declaration was made the … Read more

As the US prepares to ease its ban on the sale of F-16 fighters to Turkey, the Su-35 is no longer competitive.

The possibility of Turkey purchasing a Su-35 from Russia is said to be over now that Turkey will soon own the most modern variant of the US F-16 fighter. Due to limitations in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that have been lifted by the US government, Turkey has a very high chance of purchasing … Read more

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