The US Media: When facing the S-500 air defense system, US stealth fighters will “fall like a fig.”

The nation’s media expresses alarm over the US stealth fighter’s inability to compete with the Russian S-500 air defense system. According to 19FortyFive, Russia intends to turn its S-500 Prometheus air defense system, which is currently in its fifth iteration, into a deadly opponent for US stealth jets like the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning … Read more

While on Syrian soil, Russia interferes with the F-35 stealth jet’s ability to fly over Israel.

The Israeli Air Force’s powerful F-35 stealth fighter is believed to have fallen victim to Russian electronic warfare weapons. In the recently documented case of the F-35 stealth fighter, Russian electronic warfare (EW) devices have proven to be particularly efficient at suppressing Western aircraft. Recent news concerning the odd behavior of the Israeli Air Force’s … Read more

Russian claims to have identified four F-35A stealth fighters nearing Snake Island.

Four United States Air Force F-35A stealth aircraft flew a secret mission in the western Black Sea, near Ukraine’s Snake Island, which is currently under Russian control. A group of four US F-35A jets was believed to be on a secret mission near Snake Island in the western Black Sea,. In addition to the F-35A … Read more

Putin is the best “F-35 fighter jet salesman” in the US arms industry, according to a US defence company.

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a special military operation in Ukraine, shares of major US defence companies have soared. “The good days are back,” says Loren Thompson, CEO and defence industry consultant at Lexington Research Institute (USA). Mr. Thompson made his remarks in the context of the long-running Russia-Ukraine conflict and the rise of … Read more