‘Su-47 upside-down golden eagle’ reappears as a ship’s UAV?

Russia plans to build a line of ship-borne UAVs based on the “Su-47 upside-down Golden Eagle” for use on future aircraft carriers. A line of ship unmanned aircraft based on the famous “Su-47 reverse-wing golden eagle” design is being actively researched and manufactured by Russian military engineers. This information was published by the TASS news … Read more

Russia bankrupted US attempts with ‘partial mobilization’ order

Russia’s “partial mobilization” order will make the US and its allies recalculate their steps. Russia has complicated Western military calculations by announcing a “partial deployment” order for reservists. Expert Part Satam – an analyst at EurAsian Times made the above comment. According to the author, during the seven months of the special military operation, Russia is … Read more

A series of US F-35 fighters will have to “lay on the ground” if China cuts off the supply of rare metals?

Cutting off the supply of rare metals could become a means of pressure for China in a situation where tensions with the US arise. If necessary, China could put pressure on America’s “Achilles heel” by cutting off supplies of the vital rare metal, cobalt, says National Interest (NI) journalist Gregory Visher. Cobalt is an important … Read more

Russia launched a mysterious reconnaissance plane Tu-214R into the conflict in Ukraine

The special mission of the mysterious reconnaissance plane Tu-214R in Ukraine has just been predicted by Russian military experts. According to information leaked to the press, during the special military operation in Ukraine, the Russian Army first used a mysterious reconnaissance plane Tu-214R for a special mission. There are currently only two such aircraft in … Read more

Ukraine’s unique homemade anti-tank self-propelled howitzer

Ukraine has created an unusual self-propelled anti-tank gun by combining the MT-LB tracked armor with the MT-12 Rapira. The anti-tank self-propelled howitzer combined with the MT-LB armored vehicle with the MT-12 Rapira will help the Ukrainian Army improve the tactical features of the weapons that have proven obsolete. The above unique image of combined weapons … Read more