Brain war on the Ukrainian border front

Ukrainian units are deployed to monitor the northern region due to concerns about the risk of Russia launching an offensive operation from Belarusian territory. Every day, reconnaissance drones take off several times from Ukrainian positions deep in the jungle, moving across the border into Belarus, monitoring both in the sky and on the ground for … Read more

Possible scenarios for the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

While the biggest war in Europe since 1945 is still raging fiercely and has no clear end, experts have come up with several possible scenarios for the Russian conflict- Ukraine. The war in Ukraine has entered its second year, is still fierce, and has no clear end.  According to estimates, tens of thousands of Ukrainian … Read more

Turkey issues ultimatum to admit Sweden, and Finland to NATO

Turkey sets conditions for its parliament to approve Sweden and Finland’s applications to join NATO. Reuters reported that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on January 15 that Sweden and Finland must deport or extradite 130 “terrorists” to Turkey before the Turkish parliament approves the proposal. NATO membership of two Nordic countries. Sweden and Finland applied to … Read more


Observers said that nearly 11 months of the outbreak of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, artillery systems played a very important role in creating turning points, as the name “King of the battlefield”. “Artillery is king on the battlefield, always has been and always will be,” said former retired major and US military expert John … Read more

US and South Korean troops conduct drills near the North Korean border

The US and South Korean militaries conducted a drill with the participation of many heavy weapons in the area close to the North Korean border. onhap on January 14 reported that the South Korean military sent a combat unit equipped with many modern weapons to participate in the exercise with a motorized brigade of the US … Read more

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