Russia claims that Western arms exports “only worsen the situation in Ukraine.”

According to Russia, modern French armoured vehicles and other Western armaments simply make Ukraine’s misery worse. Pro-Russian officials in eastern Ukraine claim that significant cities like Bakhmut are on the verge of being taken over. “Basically, nothing will change as a result of these delivery. The suffering of the Ukrainian people can only be prolonged … Read more

Le Figaro reports damage to 16 of the 18 Caesar SPHs that were sent to Ukraine.

Ukraine has received 18 Caesar self-propelled howitzers from France. 16 of them have been damaged. The reason is well known and has been reported by us in previous months: heavy artillery fire. This wears down the pipes. The French publication Le Figaro recently reported on this. A self-propelled howitzer manufactured by France, Caesar, went into … Read more

Did India surprise the US by opting for France’s Rafale M over the F/A-18?

As a top competitor for a multibillion-dollar deal to supply 26 fighter jets fighting for the Indian Navy, France’s Rafale M fighter jet surpasses the US F/A-18 Super Hornet. As part of the Multirole Carrier Fighter (MRCBF) programme for the Indian Navy, the Indian government has chosen to purchase 26 Dassault Rafale M fighter aircraft … Read more

Europe’s $100 billion FCAS stealth fighter is plagued by major issues.

The FCAS stealth fighter project is in danger of failing because of the intense conflict among the project participants over who will assume which responsibilities. The Future Combat Air System program, which will give them a new set of “air weapons” including FCAS and drones, is currently being worked on by three European nations, including … Read more

France says that Crotale’s “Iron Shield” will guard the airspace over Ukraine.

The Crotale anti-aircraft missile batteries that France is proposing to provide to Ukraine “will be especially effective in the fight against drones and aerial bombardments,” according to French Defense Minister Lecornu. In order to help shield Ukrainian cities from Russian missile and drone attacks, the French government promised to supply Crotale air defence systems on … Read more

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