President Putin: Russia can adopt the United States’ pre-emptive attack doctrine.

Putin suggested that Russia might “borrow” American strategies for ensuring its own security, such as the use of pre-emptive strikes. Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that his country might “borrow” elements of the United States’ strategies for ensuring its security, including as the use of a preemptive disarmament strike. “First, the US has a policy … Read more

UK asserts that Russia deceived Ukraine by using missiles from the Soviet era

Britain thinks that Russia is using nuclear-armed Kh-55 missiles as bait to trick Ukrainian air defences by removing their nuclear warheads. “Most likely, Russia is shooting older cruise missiles into Ukraine after disarming nuclear warheads on them. Known for carrying nuclear bombs since the 1980s, the Kh-55 aircraft is seen in pictures taken in Ukraine … Read more

Izdelie 305, the most sophisticated Russian missile, destroys targets in Ukraine by shooting “through the window.”

On the Ukrainian battlefield, the Russian Izdelie 305 LMUR missile is said to have excelled at consistently wreaking havoc on the adversary. According to the Russian side, the video depicts a Russian missile attack using the Izdelie 305 LMUR against a Ukrainian target. Strong firepower, excellent mobility, and notably accuracy are what are credited with … Read more

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