Iran’s Fath 360 could be the country’s equivalent to America’s HIMARS.

Fath 360, a new Iranian ballistic missile guided by satellite, is comparable to the HIMARS that the US delivered to Ukraine during that country’s confrontation with Russia. During recent military drills, Iran conducted a test of its homegrown Fath 360 satellite-guided ballistic missile. The US High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) used in Ukraine resembles … Read more

5 weapons used in the Russia-Ukraine conflict that could shape future conflicts

It is possible to use the conflict in Ukraine as a starting point to predict which weapons will be frequently employed in future conflicts. While howitzers, drones, and anti-tank weapons outperformed expectations, some of the key weapons of the war—tanks, jets, and rocket artillery—did not exert their maximal efficacy on the battlefield and were even … Read more

Ukraine will get more than 20 HIMARS multiple-launch rocket systems from the United States and its allies.

For The Armed Forces of Ukraine, receiving more than twenty MLRS HIMARS, will be a significant game changer. What’s known Ukraine will receive more than 20 units from the United States and its allies, according to a statement from the Department of Defense of the United States. HIMARS. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have already received … Read more

How many tanks has Russia lost since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine?

As an army power and always emphasizing the strength of the tank – armored force, the Russian Army currently has the largest fleet of main battle tanks (MBTs) in the world. In the initial stages of the current confrontation between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian Army’s tanks and armored troops sustained significant damage. The Russian … Read more

Former Russian military says that intercepting all US rockets in Ukraine is difficult.

That is the assessment of a former Russian artillery commander regarding the risks of US rocket systems entering the Ukrainian conflict. According to military analyst Aleksey Sakantsev, a former officer of the Russian rocket and artillery forces, the country’s military cannot utilize electronic suppression of all missiles fired from rocket systems M270 and M142. Russia … Read more