The US approved the deployment and use of HIMARS to counter nuclear weapons in Belarus.

In order to respond to Belarus’s deployment of tactical nuclear missiles, the US is thinking about stationing a significant number of M142 HIMARS guided missiles in Poland and the Baltic nations. It’s possible that the US’s deployment of the M142 HIMARS long-range guided rocket artillery systems to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland is in retaliation … Read more

Has the “game changer HIMARS MLRS hoopla” in Ukraine subsided?

Long-range HIMARS missiles that the US sent to Ukraine enabled Kyiv to launch a swift counterattack on Kharkiv in September 2022. However, Russian forces have gradually adapted, as shown by the fact that it took Ukraine a while to take control of Kherson, and they are no longer making any significant fresh advancements on the … Read more

Can HIMARS be intercepted by Russia’s latest air defence “software”?

Russian air defence units have supposedly been given “new software” that can track and shoot down Ukrainian-owned US high-maneuver HIMARS missiles. Is HIMARS now doomed to failure? The Russian Air Defense Forces have received new software, enabling them to quickly detect and shoot down the missiles of the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) supplied … Read more

The US secretly modified HIMARS artillery before shipping it to Ukraine.

According to the US official, the HIMARS was discreetly changed so that it could not launch long-range missiles towards Russia before being sent to Ukraine. According to unidentified US sources published in the WSJ yesterday, December 5, the Pentagon intervened in the M142 High Mobility Rocket System (HIMARS) before it was transferred to Ukraine to … Read more

Russia claims to have developed a method for quickly identifying and neutralizing US HIMARS missiles in Ukraine.

According to a Russian Armed Forces commander of the air defense unit, the Russian Armed Forces now have updated software that makes it simpler to shoot down HIMARS MLRS missiles. “Early on, we had no idea what it was (the MLRS HIMARS missile), but now we have comfortably tamed HIMARS—we have been handed a new … Read more

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