Breaking News: Senior Source Sets the Record Straight on Patriot-Kinzhal Incident

a high-ranking official within the Russian Defense Ministry provided a response to Kyiv’s assertion of having effectively intercepted a Kinzhal hypersonic missile. A high-ranking source within the Russian Defense Ministry has dismissed reports that the Kinzhal hypersonic missile was intercepted, calling it a futile attempt. The source stated that the Kinzhal missile’s speed exceeds the … Read more

“US military’s secret weapon revealed: Hypersonic missiles unleashed in latest drills!”

The US military has stationed LRHW hypersonic missile complexes in Florida to take part in training exercises. At the Lewis – McChord Joint Base in Washington, the US military has sent LRHW hypersonic missiles to Cape Canaveral in Florida to take part in training. The US hypersonic systems are thought to have travelled close to … Read more

Japan intends to produce its own 3,000 km-range hypersonic missile.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense is getting prepared to develop a hypersonic missile that will be operational by 2035 and be able to reach targets up to 3,000 kilometres away. Early in the 2030s, the Japanese government intends to launch a missile with a 2,000 km range. It is noteworthy that by 2035, Tokyo will … Read more

The reason why it’s challenging to intercept Russian hypersonic warheads

Russia’s Avangard hypersonic warhead has an excessively high manoeuvrability and speed, leaving other countries without any practical defences. The Yasnensky unit in the Orenburg region, which is now the second Russian unit to use the kind of missile, was formed with the aid of a regiment outfitted with an Avangard hypersonic weapon, according to a … Read more

The MiG-31BM’s overwhelming power – the “invincible” fighter on the battlefield

A two-seat, supersonic, long-range interceptor that can fly in all weather, the MiG-31BM is one of the new MiG-31 versions. The Central Military District (TsVO) of Russia’s air units stationed in Krasnoyarsk region have acquired two upgraded MiG-31BM interceptors. The MiG-31BM is one of the new MiG-31 variants, a two-seat supersonic long-range interceptor capable of … Read more

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