Taiwanese drone Albatross II has a 250 km range and can fire hypersonic Sky Word II missiles.

The Taiwanese army made the decision to equip itself not just with Flyingfish bomber armaments from JC Tech but also with homegrown Bayraktar substitutes. An improved version of the Albatross strike drone is being developed by Geosat Aerospace & Technology. What We Know, So Far The Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drone’s Taiwanese counterpart is called the … Read more

These Chinese missiles are reported to be capable of destroying a US Navy aircraft carrier from a distance of 3,000 kilometres.

The US has sent ships to the waters around Taiwan in the wake of Nancy Pelosi’s visit to that country. China may have the largest navy in the world, but it falls short of the US in terms of might. For this reason, it has been concentrating on creating “carrier-killers.” Beijing is aware that its … Read more

Zircon technology likely to form the base for BrahMos II

According to Atul Rane, Operations Director for BrahMos Aerospace, the BrahMos-II cruise missile’s supersonic variant will likely share many technological characteristics with the Zircon (Tsirkon) missile’s hypersonic variant. India’s Defense Research and Development Organization and Russia’s NPO Mashinostroyeniya collaborated to create the BrahMos missile (DRDO). In 2001, the first test launch occurred. This missile has … Read more

The United States has just completed two successful hypersonic missile tests.

Following some high-profile failures, US hypersonic testing yields some extremely positive results. The AGM-183A hypersonic missile test took held on July 12 in the airspace off the US state of California, but the results weren’t made public until the following day. The AGM-183A missile was successfully fired from a B-52 bomber for the second time; … Read more

“Fire is the end of the war”: This is the weapon that all major countries want to own?

These weapons are deadly and fly very quickly. Since there are currently no defenses against this weapon, nations are racing to develop capabilities. Why is hypersonication receiving attention? According to experts, a number of powerful nations have recently prioritized the development of hypersonic weapons. This evaluation comes at a time when several nations, including the … Read more