Israel provides Ukraine with armaments to combat the Shahed-136 suicide drone

Russia’s Geran-2 suicide drone (Shahed-136) is going to face a challenge from Israel, which has agreed to supply Ukraine with anti-drone weapons. Prior to the damage caused by the Russian Geran-2 suicide drone to the artillery force, Ukraine requested that Israel give them with fighting equipment, which has since been granted. The Israeli government has … Read more

Ukraine wants to own a “dreadful” EW system after Iranian UAVs caused severe artillery damage.

Ukraine is expected to benefit from the EW Koral system, which was built in Turkey to help defeat Iranian UAVs on the battlefield. According to Colonel Rodion Kulagin of the Ukrainian Army, Russia utilised Iranian UAVs of the Shahed-136 type (also known as Geran-2) to attack during the counteroffensive battle in Kharkiv on September 18. … Read more

The WSJ reports that Russia’s use of Iranian kamikaze drones is wreaking havoc on Ukrainian troops.

Over the past week, Ukrainian commanders claim that many destructive strikes were carried out in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine by Shahed-136 drones delivered to Russia. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Russia has reportedly used recently introduced Iranian drones to seriously harm Ukrainian forces. This is Russia’s first extensive use of a foreign … Read more