Surprisingly, 82% of the components for Iran’s Shahed-136 UAV came from the United States.

With so many parts coming from the West, mainly the US, the Iranian-made Shahed-136 suicide drone makes for a fantastic mystery product. The Shahed-136 suicide drone and its Iranian-made predecessor, the Shahed-131, were the subjects of recent research by the British Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (RUSI). British specialists have put a lot of effort … Read more

Ukraine issues a warning about Iran’s hard-to-intercept missile.

If Russia tries to acquire them during the conflict, Ukraine’s military leaders acknowledge they presently have no way to effectively confront Iran’s ballistic missiles. “Iran’s ballistic missile programme remains a significant threat that could become real. Ballistic missiles and suicide drones are still on Russia’s list of desired possessions. of Iran, such as the Fateh … Read more

The Lancet and TB2 UAVs’ combat prowess in the Ukraine conflict

Russia is said to have taken effective countermeasures against Bayraktar TB2, while Ukraine has not yet discovered a way to neutralize the threat posed by the Lancet-3. When it obliterates a sizable number of Ukrainian vehicles on the battlefield, the Russian Lancet suicide drone (UAV) is said to be very effective. The Lancet is a … Read more

Russian officials claim that they downed a Mi-8 helicopter and destroyed two of Ukraine’s counter-reaction radar systems.

The attacks of the Russian army had severely damaged the Ukrainian army, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense. On November 12, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, provided an update on the military situation. He said that a Russian fighter jet had shot down a Mi-8 helicopter belonging to … Read more

Special Russian modifications have been made to the Shahed-136 suicide drone.

When implemented by Russia, the aforementioned upgrade will greatly increase the Shahed-136 suicide UAV’s accuracy and range. Shahed-136, an Iranian suicide drone that is used in military special operations under the codename Geran-2, has demonstrated its superiority in the task of destroying the infrastructure of Ukraine, especially given that the aforementioned attack drone is already … Read more

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