Ukraine issues a warning about Iran’s hard-to-intercept missile.

If Russia tries to acquire them during the conflict, Ukraine’s military leaders acknowledge they presently have no way to effectively confront Iran’s ballistic missiles. “Iran’s ballistic missile programme remains a significant threat that could become real. Ballistic missiles and suicide drones are still on Russia’s list of desired possessions. of Iran, such as the Fateh … Read more

Iran claims hypersonic missiles can reach Tel Aviv (Israel) in 7 minutes

Iranian media outlets with links to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are threatening to launch attacks on Israel with hypersonic missiles amid rising tensions between the two rival countries. Last week, the Commander of the Aerospace Forces of Iran ‘s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps , Amir Ali Hajizadeh, announced Iran had developed its first national … Read more

In exchange for UAVs, Russia gives Iran western weapons it has seized from the Ukraine.

In August, cash and anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles that had been delivered to Ukraine by the United States and the United Kingdom were secretly flown by Russian military planes to a Tehran airfield. Russia had handed Iran 140 million euros in cash along with certain samples of munitions confiscated from British and US supplies intended … Read more

Ukraine fears Iran may send a suicide drone with a 2,000 km range to Russia.

The armed forces of Ukraine believe Iran may give Moscow a kamikaze unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is more potent than the one already in use in Moscow. Based on the preliminary data gathered by this unit, the General Staff of the Armed Soldiers of Ukraine claims that Iran may have plans to give Russian … Read more

Suicide drones having a significant ‘psychological impact’ on Ukrainian soldiers?

According to reports, when deployed extensively, Iran’s suicide drone turned into Russia’s game-changing weapon. Many commentators think that this kind of UAV is seriously affecting the psychological well-being of Ukrainian soldiers. Ukraine’s forces suffered a severe “psychological damage” as a result of Russia’s use of suicide drones in combat. The aforementioned remark was made by … Read more

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