Iran claims hypersonic missiles can reach Tel Aviv (Israel) in 7 minutes

Iranian media outlets with links to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are threatening to launch attacks on Israel with hypersonic missiles amid rising tensions between the two rival countries. Last week, the Commander of the Aerospace Forces of Iran ‘s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps , Amir Ali Hajizadeh, announced Iran had developed its first national … Read more

How does Iran transport UAVs to Russia?

A report published recently by Sprotyv, a website affiliated with Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces, shows the route used by Iran to deliver UAVs to Russia. Ukraine accuses Iran of lying, warns of “consequences” In a Facebook post on November 5, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine warned Iran that the “consequences” … Read more

Iranian missiles may be a viable weapon for Russia after the UAV.

Iran’s ballistic missiles are anticipated to meet Russia’s requirements for battle, as well as being less expensive than Russian missiles. These missiles are also widely stocked by Iran. Since the start of the military action in Ukraine more than seven months ago, Russia has encountered significant challenges due to a technical scarcity brought on by … Read more

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