Iran claims to have produced cruise missiles with ranges of over 1,600 kilometers.

All US bases in the Middle East, according to General Hajizadeh, are within range of Iran’s Paveh missiles, which have a range of more than 1,600 kilometers. The commander of the IRGC’s aerospace unit, Brigadier General Amirali Hajizadeh, announced on February 23 that Iran now has cruise missiles with a 1,650 km range in its … Read more

Ukraine issues a warning about Iran’s hard-to-intercept missile.

If Russia tries to acquire them during the conflict, Ukraine’s military leaders acknowledge they presently have no way to effectively confront Iran’s ballistic missiles. “Iran’s ballistic missile programme remains a significant threat that could become real. Ballistic missiles and suicide drones are still on Russia’s list of desired possessions. of Iran, such as the Fateh … Read more

Iran sets up new Bavar-373 air defence missile systems in Syria to combat Israeli F-35 aircraft

To defend against aerial attacks from Israel and the stealth fighter aircraft F-35, Iran has stationed its most recent generation of air defence missile system in Syria, known as Bavar-373. According to intelligence from the Iranian defence sector, the Bavar-373 will have the ability to locate and shoot down stealth fighters like the American F-35. … Read more

The US “circumvented the law” to quickly deliver the MQ-1C Gray Eagle to Ukraine?

The upgraded MQ-1C Gray Eagle drone, often known as the “Gray Eagle,” is probably on its way to Ukraine soon. The American MQ-1C Gray Eagle reconnaissance and attack drone will be delivered to the Ukrainian military in a modernised form, and equipment that might endanger Washington should it accidentally fall into enemy hands has been … Read more

(video)In a show of power to Iran, Israeli F-35 aircraft accompany US B-52 bombers.

A pair of Israeli Air Force Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter jets escorted a US Boeing B-52 Stratofortress bomber as it left the Persian Gulf on November 10 through Israeli airspace. Israeli F-35i fighter jets escort two American B-52 bombers through Israeli airspace on their way back from the Persian Gulf, in an apparent … Read more

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