How will Ukraine deal if Russia receives a series of new UAVs and missiles from Iran?

An official in a Western country that monitors Iran’s weapons program has told CNN that Iran is about to send approximately 1,000 new weapons to Russia, including short-range ballistic missiles and attack drones. Ukraine is lacking the means of propulsion According to CNN sources, the new batch of weapons exported from Iran to Russia includes … Read more

Ukraine fears Iran may send a suicide drone with a 2,000 km range to Russia.

The armed forces of Ukraine believe Iran may give Moscow a kamikaze unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is more potent than the one already in use in Moscow. Based on the preliminary data gathered by this unit, the General Staff of the Armed Soldiers of Ukraine claims that Iran may have plans to give Russian … Read more

Following the significant Russian assaults, Ukraine reported the damage.

Since October 10, Russian raids have damaged between 30 and 40 percent of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, with monetary losses estimated to be in the billions. Herman Halushchenko, the energy minister for Ukraine, stated on October 21: “The loss is enormous. I’d guess that (Ukraine) lost at least half or more of its ability to generate … Read more

Iranian missiles may be a viable weapon for Russia after the UAV.

Iran’s ballistic missiles are anticipated to meet Russia’s requirements for battle, as well as being less expensive than Russian missiles. These missiles are also widely stocked by Iran. Since the start of the military action in Ukraine more than seven months ago, Russia has encountered significant challenges due to a technical scarcity brought on by … Read more

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