According to the American daily, Ukraine suffered significant losses on the front lines in the east.

On November 28, the American newspaper The New York Times reported that the Ukrainian army had sustained significant losses during their counterattack operation in the country’s east. According to a New York Times source, the Ukrainian army suffered significant casualties during the battle in the Donetsk People’s Republic’s proclamation’s Artyomovsk region (DPR). Ukrainian doctors have … Read more

Why does Russia still possess missiles?

Moscow’s stockpile is obviously not exhausted, despite claims to the contrary from Britain, the United States, and Ukraine, according to the New York Times. The government in Kiev, the Pentagon, and British intelligence spent months claiming that Moscow’s stockpiles were running low. The New York Times offered four potential explanations for how Russia was able … Read more

A significant fire strike, according to Ukraine, has left Russia with only 120 Iskander missiles.

According to Ukraine’s intelligence agency, after conducting extensive raids on Kiev-side locations, Russia looks to have used the majority of its Iskander ballistic missile arsenal. Vadym Skibitskyi, the main intelligence officer of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said that Russia is believed to have used 80% of its stockpile of Iskander missiles in large-scale … Read more

Ukraine’s intelligence general says Russia is running out of Iskander ballistic missiles

Russia is running out of precision-guided missiles used to attack Ukraine’s infrastructure network, said General Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency. In an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper Pravda recently, General Budanov said that Russia actively buys Shahed drones from Iran to use in raids because the missile arsenal is “almost exhausted”. “Russia … Read more

Ukraine’s defence minister is concerned about soldiers “going too far” as they makes quick advances in kharkiv.

Oleksii Reznikov, the defence minister, said the counterattack “went beyond expectations,” but he was concerned about the danger if their forces became overconfident. The Ukrainian military reported that as of September 11 it has reclaimed 3,000 square kilometres of land, including parts of the northeastern region that Russia had been in possession of since March … Read more

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