In the midst of its invasion of Ukraine, Russia is seen returning S-300 from Syria.

The S-300 surface-to-air missile system was allegedly moved by Russia from Syria to the Black Sea in order to bolster the fight in Ukraine, according to satellite images. In 2018, Russian S-300 missiles were shipped to Syria to aid Syrian President Bashar Al-forces. Assad’s Syria’s air defence system is said to need an upgrade, and … Read more

Watch the failed Kalibr cruise missile launch attempt against Ukraine by the Russian Navy

The Russian Navy Grigorovich-class frigate’s failed firing of the Kalibr cruise missile was captured on camera. Russian users recently uploaded a video on Telegram depicting the failed launch of a Kalibr cruise missile from the Admiral Grigorovich-class ship of the Russian Navy. Earlier this week, a warship fired cruise missiles. One of the launched missiles … Read more

Russia promises Belarus Iskander-M nuclear-capable missiles

So according President Vladimir Putin, Russia will send Belarus, an ally, short-range nuclear missile weapons in the upcoming months. Iskander-M systems, according to him, “can fire ballistic and cruise missiles of both conventional and nuclear variants.” The systems have a 500 kilometre range (310 miles). President Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine on February 24, tensions … Read more

On the Ukrainian battlefield, the Switchblade UAV scored its first kill.

For the first time, the Ukrainian Army used the American Switchblade UAV on the battlefield, and it exceeded expectations The Switchblade UAV has not only made its way to the Ukrainian Army, but it is also being used to attack and destroy targets on the battlefield. The US Department of Defense only recently made this … Read more

Little is known about Russia’s nuclear reaction mechanism, dubbed “Death Hand.”

Without the need for human intervention, this system can unleash hundreds of nuclear missiles at adversaries. Russian forces have 700 nuclear weapons “carriers,” including strategic bombers, nuclear submarines, and missile silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles. Few people are aware, however, that one of them may operate autonomously and attack dangerous enemy objectives even if the … Read more