Suicide drones having a significant ‘psychological impact’ on Ukrainian soldiers?

According to reports, when deployed extensively, Iran’s suicide drone turned into Russia’s game-changing weapon. Many commentators think that this kind of UAV is seriously affecting the psychological well-being of Ukrainian soldiers. Ukraine’s forces suffered a severe “psychological damage” as a result of Russia’s use of suicide drones in combat. The aforementioned remark was made by … Read more

The threat from the northern border is making Ukraine restless.

Kiev is uneasy following Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s announcement last week that his nation and Russia will create a unified force and hold joint drills. Russian Forces entered Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, during the recent joint exercises between Russia and Belarus in February, which took place across the border in Belarus. The issue for … Read more

At least 11 volunteer victims of gunfire at a Russian training facility

On October 15, two volunteer soldiers opened fire at a training area in the Russian border province of Belgorod, killing at least 11 people and injuring 15. The Western Military District’s training facility in the province of Belgorod was the target of a terrorist attack on October 15 by two volunteer soldiers who are nationals … Read more

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