Europe to receive new US nuclear bombs amid tensions with Russia.

A recently developed bomb is anticipated to serve as a replacement for approximately 100 currently deployed B61-3/4 nuclear warheads, which are stationed at various bases in NATO member nations including Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey. On April 12th, the Federation of American Scientists reported that mass production of new B61-12 guided nuclear bombs … Read more

Cyber attack rocks NATO, leaving 40% of key systems paralyzed

On April 10th, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) experienced a significant cyber attack resulting in the temporary paralysis of 40% of the alliance’s electronic infrastructure for several hours. The attack impacted a considerable portion of NATO’s digital systems, causing a disruption in their operations. As per a report on, several entities including KillNet, … Read more

F-35A Stealth Fighters Struggle to Identify S-300 Complex During NATO Recon Mission”

During a reconnaissance mission on the eastern side of NATO, the F-35A fighter jet from the United States was unable to detect the S-300 complex when it was operating in stealth mode. In February 2022, the US Air Force deployed the F-35A fighter jets to the eastern flank of NATO in Europe. Their primary mission … Read more

A almost $400,000 US missile failed to hit the target.

After the initial AIM-9X missile, which cost $ 380,000, missed the target, the US F-16 had to fire another AIM-9X missiles in order to destroy the mysterious object in Lake Huron. “The F-16 fighter’s initial AIM-9X missile was off-target. When the second missile struck its target, “On February 13, an unidentified US official with knowledge … Read more

Türkiye has warned of repercussions if the United States does not provide F-16 fighter fighters.

To make up for the money Ankara spent on the last F-35 purchase, Türkiye threatened consequences if the US did not send F-16 fighter jets to this country. “We wanted to purchase the F-16, but you never gave it to us. You made a commitment to fulfil it, but you didn’t. About $1.4 billion was … Read more

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