Russian Raid on Ukrainian Port: Suicide Boats Warehouse Destroyed!

In a recent operation, the Russian military declared a successful raid on a port situated in the city of Ochakiv. The operation involved the destruction of a Ukrainian suicide boat warehouse, marking a significant blow to their naval capabilities. On April 15, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that they had carried out a precise attack … Read more

A Russian Su-27 jet intercepts a German reconnaissance plane over the Baltic Sea.

Near the nation’s border, the Russian Baltic Fleet’s Su-27 fighter spotted a German Air Force P-3C Orion surveillance aircraft and flew off to intercept it over the Baltic Sea. “On January 16, a target nearing the nation’s borders was discovered by the Russian airspace surveillance system. The Russian Center for Defense Control reported that a … Read more

Russian ships carrying more than 100 Kalibr missiles hover off the coast of Ukraine

In the midst of violent confrontations, Ukraine confirmed that it has spotted nine Russian missile ships sailing in the Black Sea and Mediterranean carrying more than 100 Kalibr missiles. Russian military ships operating in the Black Sea, including four missile ships carrying 24 Kalibr missiles, according to the Ukrainian Navy, which confirmed its discovery of … Read more

US Navy Wants to Upgrade Troubled Zumwalt Destroyers As Soon As Possible

The problematic Zumwalt-class destroyers are slated for both short-term and long-term modifications by the US Navy. On its troublesome Zumwalt-class destroyers, the US Navy intends to start a programme of immediate and long-term improvements. Congress has been scrutinising the ship because of a number of incidents even though it has only recently finished its first … Read more

The C-Dome naval air defence system was successfully tested by Israel.

The C-Dome test was successful, which not only represents a significant advancement in the combat abilities of the Magen-class corvettes but also aids Israel in honing its multistage missile and air defence system. The Sa’ar 6 class Israeli corvette INS Oz’s C-Dome air defence system has successfully completed its final test phase, according to the … Read more

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