A Russian lawmaker recommends acquiring Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning

admiral kuznetsov, russia’s sole aircraft carrier, has recently run into a lot of issues. the liaoning aircraft carrier, which the soviet union designed and 25 years ago sold to china, was recently proposed for purchase by a russian lawmaker. Since its 1985 inception, the Admiral Kuznetsov ship has experienced engine failure, many fires, and shipyard … Read more

Know your enemy: Russian army’s future organisational structure and force projection

Let’s look at how the Russian armed forces will evolve when Russian President Vladimir Putin’s directive to increase the number of personnel in the Russian Armed Forces to 2.04 million people takes effect in January 2023. A total of 2,039,758 individuals, including 1,150,628 troops, are anticipated to be in the Russian Armed Forces at that … Read more

Taiwan claims that Chinese vessels and aircraft frequently harass the island.

On October 11, Taiwanese officials claimed that Beijing increased tension by stationing warships and aircraft close to the island almost every day. On October 11, Taiwan’s defence chief, Qiu Guozheng, claimed that mainland China dispatched four to six warships sailing close to the island every day. The Chinese military also sent out a large number … Read more

For its trio of aircraft carriers, China has difficulty finding pilots.

The Chinese navy is having trouble finding pilots for three aircraft carriers, including one that has just been launched, according to Chinese analysts. Following the commissioning of the aircraft carrier Liaoning, the Chinese Navy has increased its carrier fighter pilot training programme over the past ten years. However, according to a piece in the Chinese … Read more

unveiling the Ukrainian navy’s most lethal warship.

The RMK Marine shipyard in Turkey is currently constructing the Ada-class submarine hunting corvette for Ukraine; delivery is scheduled for 2023. Turkey is constructing a corvette for hunting submarines of the Ada class for Ukraine. Four submarine-hunting corvettes of the Ada class are currently in service with the Turkish Navy. Two Ada-class warships are being … Read more

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