Israel declines to provide missiles to Ukraine despite US requests

On January 25, Israel declined to provide the Hawk air defence system to Ukraine as requested by the US in the context of Washington’s desire to strengthen Kyiv’s military capabilities. Because Ukraine still places a high priority on air defence, the Joe Biden administration has brought up the Hawk anti-aircraft missiles that Israel has on … Read more

Following news that the West had supplied tanks to Ukraine, there was a surge in Russian bomber activity.

Not shortly after it noticed a group of Russian bombers take off, Ukraine quickly cut electricity to numerous locations and issued a nationwide air strike warning. A nationwide air strike alert was set in Ukraine on January 26, according to the PravdaUkraine news agency. This was done out of worry that Russia would conduct a … Read more

The powerful Tornado-G MLRS assisted Russia in overwhelming Ukraine’s firepower in Donbass.

The ability to concentrate strong firepower, enabled by the appearance of Tornado-G, the newest weapon in the Russian rocket artillery arsenal, has been one of the highlights of Russia’s and its supporting troops’ recent progress in the Donbass region. In a recent video, a Tornado-G multiple rocket launcher can be seen firing towards a Ukrainian … Read more

next in Ukraine: largest tank battle?

Recent developments in the Russia-Ukraine war may soon result in a significant tank and armoured vehicle clash in eastern Ukraine, where fighting is ongoing every day. Britain has pledged to giving Ukraine 30 AS90 155 mm self-propelled howitzers and 14 Challenger 2 tanks as part of an initiative to considerably expand Western support for Ukraine. … Read more

Russia has developed the first batch of the deadly Poseidon nuclear-capable super torpedoes.

Russia has developed the world’s first nuclear-capable Poseidon super torpedo for use on the Belgorod submarine. According to an unknown defence source reported in Military Cognizance on January 16, “the first batch of Poseidon torpedoes has been created, and the Belgorod submarine will receive them in the near future.” President Vladimir Putin first revealed details … Read more

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