China-based simulation study: North Korea’s ICBM can reach the US in 33 minutes

An ICBM attack by North Korea against the US mainland has been simulated by a team of Chinese defense scientists. the US “defence chain” has a hole If the US missile defense network fails to intercept the missile, simulation study by the Beijing Institute of Electronic Systems Engineering has indicated that North Korean ICBMs can … Read more

The terrifying variety of nuclear missile fired from North Korea’s submarine

The most fearsome nuclear missile launched from a submarine in North Korea is called the Pukguksong-3, and it was successfully tested in 2019. The Pukguksong-3 is the most dreaded of North Korea’s missiles that are launched from submarines. Pukguksong-3 was initially made public by North Korea in a photograph of its leader, Kim Jong-un, visiting … Read more

Iran Moves Closer To Having Nuclear Weapons

Iran has several weeks left to enrich its uranium stockpile to 90 percent, the level needed to produce nuclear weapons, new sources in the Middle East say. 75 kg of uranium, according to Iranian authorities, have already undergone a 60% enrichment. According to nuclear experts, Iran would theoretically need several weeks to reach 90% enrichment … Read more

Russia addresses the ‘rapidly deteriorating situation,’ accusing Ukraine of planning to use ‘dirty bombs.’

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu spoke via phone with his counterparts in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Turkey about the worsening war in Ukraine. On October 23, the Russian Federation’s Minister of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that the Russian Defense Ministry said in phone calls with Sebastien Lecornu of France, … Read more

Russian submarine carrying a doomsday torpedo appeared in the Arctic.

In the midst of rumours over the ship’s whereabouts, a satellite photograph of the Barents Sea revealed the Belgorod submarine carrying the Poseidon super torpedo. The Russian nuclear submarine Belgorod was seen travelling in a floating state east of the Barents Sea, in the Arctic belt region, in a commercial satellite image supplied by Airbus … Read more

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