The movement of a Russian nuclear military train has been observed: report

Media sources state that footage of a big freight train travelling with specialised military equipment linked to the nuclear-weapons division of the Russian Defense Ministry has caused them to fear that President Vladimir Putin’s forces may escalate the battle. In a footage published on Sunday by pro-Russian station Rybar, a number of BPM-97 armoured personnel … Read more

What would happen if Russia used nuclear bombs on Ukraine?

Following President Vladimir Putin’s declaration on September 21 that Russia would use “full force of forces,” i.e., nuclear weapons, if its “territorial integrity” was challenged, the West has begun to think about possible reaction options. According to analysts, President Putin is unlikely to be the first to use nuclear weapons since the United States launched … Read more

US vows to deal a fatal blow if North Korea uses nuclear weapons as leverage

If North Korea launches a nuclear strike as the law has just been enacted, the United States has committed to react with “overwhelming and decisive” action. “We are devoted to continuing our efforts to deploy all forces to bolster the alliance’s capacity for deterrence. After a vice-ministerial meeting of the Expanded Deterrence Strategy and Advisory … Read more

Ukrainian commandos attempted an attack on a Russian-controlled nuclear power station.

According to reports, two teams of Ukrainian commandos landed close to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station in an effort to take over control of the facility from Russia. Our source According to information cited by the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukraine dispatched two squadrons of commandos totaling roughly 60 men to land close to the region … Read more