Almost Nucked America: The Day the United States Almost Destroyed Itself

During the Cold War, the biggest threat was a nuclear strike by the Soviet Union. But, for a brief moment during those tense years, the United States almost nuked itself. When two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs were accidently dropped over Goldsboro, North Carolina, on January 23, 1961, the United States narrowly avoided a cataclysmic calamity. … Read more

Russia threatens ‘World War 3’ if Ukraine is admitted to NATO.

According to Alexander Venediktov, the deputy secretary of the Russian Federation’s Security Council, NATO’s admission of Ukraine could spark “World War 3,” and the US-led military alliance is well aware of this possibility. Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, unexpectedly revealed at the end of September that the nation had filed for rapid membership in … Read more

Russian submarine carrying a doomsday torpedo appeared in the Arctic.

In the midst of rumours over the ship’s whereabouts, a satellite photograph of the Barents Sea revealed the Belgorod submarine carrying the Poseidon super torpedo. The Russian nuclear submarine Belgorod was seen travelling in a floating state east of the Barents Sea, in the Arctic belt region, in a commercial satellite image supplied by Airbus … Read more

To counter the Russian menace, Poland requests that the US share nuclear weapons.

In reaction to the warning from Moscow, Poland, a country that shares a border with Russia, declared that it was in discussions with the US about joining a nuclear weapons-sharing programme. Poland is in discussions with the United States about joining a nuclear weapons sharing programme, according to remarks made by Polish President Andrzej Duda … Read more

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