Bloomberg: The flow of arms into Ukraine has slowed.

In order to take the upper hand on the battlefield, the Ukrainian army is mounting a counterattack against Russian soldiers. However, there are currently no indications that the allies will increase their military assistance to President Zelensky’s forces. In the meantime, Moscow has taken further aggressive action by announcing the mobilisation of an extra 300,000 … Read more

Poland and Korea sign the largest arms deal in history.

Poland struck a contract with South Korea to purchase tanks and self-propelled weapons valued more than $5.7 billion. It is part of the two countries’ largest arms sale to date, which was inked last month. The total value of the agreement has not been disclosed by the parties, but the Korean media pegged it at … Read more

Poland has a serious shortage of weapons after its aid efforts to Ukraine

The weaponry of the Polish army has been depleted as a result of efforts to assist Ukraine. On June 13, Polish President Andrzej Duda told army generals that the country’s armament is getting depleted as a result of military aid to Ukraine, and that replacing them will cost a lot of money. As a result, … Read more