Russian strategic bombers reportedly entered ADIZ, according to South Korea

When two Russian strategic bombers entered South Korea’s air defence identification zone, the south korea’s military there sent out fighter fighters to deal with the situation. After spotting two Russian aircraft entering the nation’s air defence identification zone, South Korea’s military announced today that “tactical steps” have been taken to protect against unforeseen circumstances (ADIZ). … Read more

The Ukrainian President evacuates citizens from Donetsk in anticipation of heavy violence

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, announced on July 30 that his nation would issue an order requiring all residents of the eastern Donetsk region to leave because of ferocious combat with Russia. Zelensky stated that hundreds of thousands of civilians who were currently residing in the battle zones in the Donbass as well as … Read more

The “flying Chernobyl” Russia continues to test Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile

A nuclear-powered cruise missile with a “unlimited” range is called the Burevestnik (SSC-X-9 Skyfall). According to reports, Russia successfully tested the missile in January 2019. Despite the obvious danger this weapon poses, the Russian military will keep testing the Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile with the intention of deploying it in 2027. Russia has been concentrating … Read more

Following Putin’s remarks concerning Ukraine, Russia unleashes the most terrifying sea monster.

The Russian Navy has received the world’s scariest sea monster, the enormous nuclear submarine Belgorod that is equipped with Poseidon torpedoes. A brand-new, technologically quite powerful weapon, known as the most terrifying deep-sea monster, has been delivered to the Russian military. The largest submarine to be given to a nation’s navy since the Soviet era … Read more

The US secretly examined the body parts of the downed Su-35 jet that was destroyed in Ukraine.

After actively gathering information from the wreckage of the fighter plane shot down on Ukrainian land, Washington, the US may have had access to Russia’s ultra-modern Su-35 fighter’s secrets. Military leaders in Moscow are particularly concerned right now, and their anxiety is not unjustified given the possibility of the Su-35 surreptitiously ending up in US … Read more