Russian Air Defense Grid: Are There Still Gaps in the Multi-Layered Shield?

According to our analysts, the recent incident involving a small UAV attack on Moscow on May 30 has highlighted significant vulnerabilities in Russia’s multi-layered defense fire network. Since the 1980s, the Soviet defense forces have implemented an extensive air defense network to safeguard Moscow against intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and bombers carrying nuclear weapons from … Read more

President Putin: Russia can adopt the United States’ pre-emptive attack doctrine.

Putin suggested that Russia might “borrow” American strategies for ensuring its own security, such as the use of pre-emptive strikes. Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that his country might “borrow” elements of the United States’ strategies for ensuring its security, including as the use of a preemptive disarmament strike. “First, the US has a policy … Read more

If NATO engages in a direct fight with Russia, President Putin threatens a global destruction.

Following the CiCA Summit on October 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that it would be unwise to commit NATO soldiers into a direct battle with Russia and may lead to a “global disaster.” Putin responded that it “would be a hazardous act that may result in a global catastrophe” when asked if NATO would … Read more

During the crisis in Ukraine, did Russia send the T-14 Armata super tank?

According to reports, a T-14 Armata tank was spotted on October 8 in the vicinity of the Luhansk hamlet of Midginskaya, a recently recognised Russian Federation area by the Russian President. Analysts predict that the T-14 Armata’s excellent survivability, potent sensors, and mobility will make it a potent force on the battlefield even when just … Read more

Russian strategic bombers reportedly entered ADIZ, according to South Korea

When two Russian strategic bombers entered South Korea’s air defence identification zone, the south korea’s military there sent out fighter fighters to deal with the situation. After spotting two Russian aircraft entering the nation’s air defence identification zone, South Korea’s military announced today that “tactical steps” have been taken to protect against unforeseen circumstances (ADIZ). … Read more

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