Following Putin’s remarks concerning Ukraine, Russia unleashes the most terrifying sea monster.

The Russian Navy has received the world’s scariest sea monster, the enormous nuclear submarine Belgorod that is equipped with Poseidon torpedoes. A brand-new, technologically quite powerful weapon, known as the most terrifying deep-sea monster, has been delivered to the Russian military. The largest submarine to be given to a nation’s navy since the Soviet era … Read more

The US secretly examined the body parts of the downed Su-35 jet that was destroyed in Ukraine.

After actively gathering information from the wreckage of the fighter plane shot down on Ukrainian land, Washington, the US may have had access to Russia’s ultra-modern Su-35 fighter’s secrets. Military leaders in Moscow are particularly concerned right now, and their anxiety is not unjustified given the possibility of the Su-35 surreptitiously ending up in US … Read more

Russia criticizes the United States for providing rocket artillery to Ukraine.

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister denounced the United States for supplying Ukraine with HIMARS rocket artillery, claiming that the move risks a direct clash between the two countries. This is a really bad approach in our opinion. Any attempt to present this as a decision based on’restraint’ is fruitless. The fact is that the United … Read more

Little-known facts regarding Russia’s Victory Day

Victory Day in Russia is more than a national celebration; it is a moment in world history when catastrophic disasters were avoided – a day that brought people together. There are many significant holidays in the history of the Soviet Union and Russia, but the Victory over Nazism celebration, which is commemorated every year on … Read more

US says Russia changed tactics in order to issue a victory declaration as early as May

According to US intelligence, Russia is shifting its strategy to focus on the Donbass and other eastern Ukrainian regions in order to declare victory as early as May. Russia is said to be changing its strategy, concentrating its forces in the eastern region in order to achieve a military victory in early May, more than … Read more

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