Russia’s response to the Patriot air defence system is the Kh-31PD missile.

Russia claims that its Kh-31PD missile can disable the US Patriot air defence system. The American Patriot air defence system can be defeated by the Russian Kh-31PD air-launched anti-radiation missile. On January 26, Boris Obnosov, the CEO of Tactical Missile Corporation and a Hero of Russia, made the claim to TASS. Boris Obnosov claims that … Read more

Fearing an attack, Russia is rumoured to be constructing a “iron shield” to defend the Kremlin.

A “steel shield” made up of air defence systems mounted on tall buildings is rumoured to have materialised around Moscow’s Kremlin. On the roofs of structures near the Kremlin, the Russian military has erected at least three Pantsir-S1 short-range air defence systems. The most recent complex is situated at 38, Petrovka Street, where the Russian … Read more

Russia knocks down Ukrainian Su-24 and Mi-8 aircraft as it gains more territory in the DPR

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, it has expanded its control over the Dvurechye settlement in the DPR and downed Ukrainian Su-24 and Mi-8 aircraft. The progress of the military action in Ukraine was still being reported on by the Russian Defense Ministry on January 21. Units of the 103rd Territorial Defense Brigade of the … Read more

Is Russia preparing a new front against Ukraine?

Nearly a year ago, Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. The southeast and eastern regions of the country are where most assaults occur. However, there are rumours that the Russians want to establish a second front in Western Ukraine. According to international sources, Russia is preparing a fresh assault for the upcoming weeks. The western … Read more

Ukrainian pilots described the two Russian aerial killer weapons as a “nightmare.”

Russian R-37M hypersonic missiles are dangerous in air warfare, according to a Ukrainian pilot, and when combined with the Su-57 stealth fighter, they are thought to be capable of creating airborne assassins. The R-37M missile, which Russia utilised in a lengthy special military operation, was highlighted as being dangerous by the Ukrainian MiG-29 jet pilot … Read more

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