The US military builds CCMS-H anti-tank missiles based on ‘Ukraine experience’

The American CCMS-H anti-tank missile introduced is more powerful than both Javelin and Stugna-P, it was created taking into account the realities of the Ukraine conflict. The US Army on September 19, 2022, updated and specified its requirements for the new generation CCMS-H anti-tank missile (ATGM) program – this is an acronym for “Naming System” … Read more

‘Su-47 upside-down golden eagle’ reappears as a ship’s UAV?

Russia plans to build a line of ship-borne UAVs based on the “Su-47 upside-down Golden Eagle” for use on future aircraft carriers. A line of ship unmanned aircraft based on the famous “Su-47 reverse-wing golden eagle” design is being actively researched and manufactured by Russian military engineers. This information was published by the TASS news … Read more

A series of US F-35 fighters will have to “lay on the ground” if China cuts off the supply of rare metals?

Cutting off the supply of rare metals could become a means of pressure for China in a situation where tensions with the US arise. If necessary, China could put pressure on America’s “Achilles heel” by cutting off supplies of the vital rare metal, cobalt, says National Interest (NI) journalist Gregory Visher. Cobalt is an important … Read more

Russian paratroopers and UAVs prevent two Ukrainian companies from moving forward

Two companies of Ukrainian mechanised troops were halted from moving forward by Russian paratroopers and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The Russian Defense Ministry published a video of Russian paratroopers obliterating Ukrainian targets on September 23. Two companies of Ukrainian mechanised soldiers, equipped with 9 tanks and 16 armoured fighting vehicles, reportedly made an unsuccessful attack, … Read more

Secrecy clause in the decree to mobilize another 300,000 Russian troops

The Kremlin said that details of clause 7 in the decree on mobilizing Russia’s reserve forces are kept secret, only “internal circulation”. President Vladimir Putin on September 21, 2022, signed a decree to mobilize a part of the domestic reserve force and emphasized the goal of “liberating the Donbas”. “It is necessary to make decisions … Read more