Russia claims to have developed a method for quickly identifying and neutralizing US HIMARS missiles in Ukraine.

According to a Russian Armed Forces commander of the air defense unit, the Russian Armed Forces now have updated software that makes it simpler to shoot down HIMARS MLRS missiles. “Early on, we had no idea what it was (the MLRS HIMARS missile), but now we have comfortably tamed HIMARS—we have been handed a new … Read more

The Ukrainian army is preparing a massive assault on Svatovo with specialised weapons.

A special weapon is likely to be unleashed by the Ukrainian Army in the battle to capture the city of Svatovo. Possibly planning a significant assault on the city of Svatovo is the Ukrainian Army Command. The most elite units and numerous heavy combat vehicles, according to sources, are being gathered. For instance, the Ukrainian … Read more

The Ukrainian army decimated the Russian T-90M super tank in Kharkov.

A contemporary Russian main combat tank, the T-90M, was obliterated near Kharkov, according to pictures shared on social media. A Russian military convoy was damaged in the Kharkov region of northeastern Ukraine, according to pictures shared on social media. Among the obliterated vehicles, witnesses recognised the T-90M “Proryv” and T-72B3 major combat tanks of the … Read more

Amid the escalating war with Ukraine, Russia got new Su-30SM2 combat aircraft.

The Su-30SM2 is an improvement of the Su-30SM, and it is stated to have features that are nearly identical to those of a fighter from the fifth generation, including cutting-edge radar and communication equipment. On November 21, the Russian Defense Ministry received a shipment from the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) of Su-30M2 fighter aircraft and … Read more

Ukraine assaults Donbass with TRLG-230 multiple launch rockets as deadly as HIMARS.

The TRLG-230 multiple launch rocket system, which has been utilised in the Donbass, is alleged to have been covertly transferred by Turkey to Ukraine. According to a press conference held by the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukraine has just started attacking the Donbass with multiple launch rocket systems made in Turkey, the TRLG-230 MLRS. This weapon … Read more

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