The most effective Leopard 2 model Ukraine can acquire to defeat the T-90M

The Stridsvagn 122 is a modification of the German Leopard 2 main battle tank made by Sweden. In the last day, there has been a flurry of press reports claiming that Germany had “approve[d]” the shipment of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. Military specialists are currently making assumptions about which nations can provide Kyiv with … Read more

According to a Lugansk separatist official, Ukraine is losing one battalion each day and may shortly retreat.

According to pro-Russian separatist officials in the Lugansk region of Donbass, Ukraine may soon evacuate the fighting forces because of recent severe damage. The Ukrainian armed forces may remove their units stationed in the area of Lugansk due to the high number of military deaths, according to Vitaly Kiselyov, a representative of the interior service … Read more

In spite of Western sanctions, can Russia still produce cutting-edge missiles?

Some of the cruise missiles Russia used to strike important Ukrainian infrastructure in late October were produced just months after Western sanctions were put in place to restrict Moscow’s access to necessary supplies. Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine’s water and electricity systems on November 23, experts have looked at the remnants of Kh-101 cruise missiles … Read more

According to the American daily, Ukraine suffered significant losses on the front lines in the east.

On November 28, the American newspaper The New York Times reported that the Ukrainian army had sustained significant losses during their counterattack operation in the country’s east. According to a New York Times source, the Ukrainian army suffered significant casualties during the battle in the Donetsk People’s Republic’s proclamation’s Artyomovsk region (DPR). Ukrainian doctors have … Read more

In the Donbass region, Russia claims to have gained control of a strategic area.

After several days of intense fighting, the Russian military declared that it had taken control of a key location on the Donetsk battlefield in the east. On November 14, the Russian Defense Ministry declared that it had taken control of a significant eastern town from Ukraine. Russia said that seizing Pavlivka may serve as a … Read more

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