Final showdown: Ukraine deploys 40,000 soldiers near Lugansk

According to the self-declared People’s Republic of Lugansk’s (LPR) envoy in Moscow, Kiev has sent roughly 40,000 troops to the border with this region, which was recently annexed by Russia. A significant quantity of Ukrainian personnel and equipment have reportedly been focused in regions where the nation’s military is attempting to make a breakthrough, according … Read more

Russia’s army dispatches 2S5 Giatsint-S artillery capable of firing tactical nuclear projectiles to Ukraine.

A train appeared in the Krasnoyarsk region bringing weaponry on its way to replenish forces for the Russian army in Ukraine, most notably the 2S5 Giatsint-S cannon, a type of artillery that can launch tactical nuclear projectiles. Russian military preparations for a special operation in Ukraine continue, most recently with the appearance of a train … Read more

VIDEO: Ukraine’s commander pilots a Russian T-90 main combat tank

A commander of a Ukrainian motorised infantry brigade is seen in a video provided by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense operating a Russian T-90A main battle tank. On October 4, a video of Ukrainian personnel operating a Russian T-90A main battle tank that Ukrainian forces had captured was shared on the Twitter account of the … Read more

The US is putting together a strategy to deal with the possibility of Russia utilising tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

The United States is reportedly considering response plans in light of fears that Russia may use nuclear weapons, particularly if Moscow decides to utilise tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Military cognizance cited some US intelligence sources as saying that the US is examining how to respond to potential situations, including the possibility of Russia employing … Read more

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