Russia issues a World War III warning as Ukraine releases a proposal to safeguard security.

In a strategic cooperation known as the “Kiev Security Treaty,” Ukraine has made ideas on providing security that are legally and politically binding between Kiev and guarantor states. The proposal, which was unveiled on September 13 at the request of President Volodymyr Zelensky, was created by an advisory panel under the direction of former NATO … Read more

Russia has warned that if Britain continues to violate the air border, it would pay a high price.

The Russian Federation’s State Duma issued a warning to London that if it continued to violate Russia’s air border, London would be the first city to be hit by rockets in the event of a full-scale conflict. The British Army’s breach of Russia’s air border would be met with brutal retaliation, especially if a strong … Read more

Ukraine shot down a Russian Su-25SM3 “flying tank” in Kharkiv.

In the vicinity of Volokhiv Yar, in the Kharkiv region, Ukrainian forces claimed to have shot down a Russian Su-25SM3 “flying tank” using a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile. Videos and details on the downing of a Russian Su-25SM3 “flying tank” in Kharkiv were shared by Ukrainian media. The team was looking for the Ukrainian army when … Read more

Ukrainian commandos attempted an attack on a Russian-controlled nuclear power station.

According to reports, two teams of Ukrainian commandos landed close to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station in an effort to take over control of the facility from Russia. Our source According to information cited by the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukraine dispatched two squadrons of commandos totaling roughly 60 men to land close to the region … Read more

A special reinforcement battalion will soon join the Ukrainian Air Force.

Former Afghan pilots will receive training from the US before being deployed to serve the Ukrainian army. According to sources close to the US Department of Defense, a battalion of former Afghan pilots would receive training at a base in California before being sent through Poland to help Ukrainian soldiers. “As far as we are … Read more

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