Germany: Russia cannot end hostilities in Ukraine with “cold peace”

The German chancellor said he plans to resume contact with the Russian president “at the appropriate time”, and warned that Moscow cannot end hostilities in Ukraine with “cold peace”. In an interview with the Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper published on May 26, Prime Minister Olaf Scholz said: “My most recent talks with Putin took place a long time … Read more

Russia says successfully blocked attack on nuclear facilities

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) announced that it had successfully blocked a plan to attack nuclear facilities on the eve of Moscow’s Victory Day celebrations on May 9. The FSB announced on May 25 that it had prevented an attack on Russia’s nuclear facilities. Moscow accused Ukrainian special forces of being behind the incident. Specifically, according … Read more

Breaking Silence: German Intelligence Chief’s Unprecedented Confessions Shake the World!

Germany’s intelligence chief, Kahl, has shockingly confessed that Russia’s military might remains strong, despite the West’s tireless endeavors to weaken it. His admission reveals a daunting reality: all our efforts have been in vain, and Russia’s power continues to stand unyielding, casting a dark shadow over our security. In an interview with Die Welt newspaper, … Read more

Russia’s “non-explosive weapons” can cost Ukraine thousands of UAVs

Western experts say that Russia is gaining a great advantage over Ukraine with electronic warfare (EW) weapons, making Kyiv can lose about 10,000 UAVs a month. The RUSI Institute (UK) published a report saying that Russia’s EW weapons appear to be causing significant damage to Ukraine’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) without using any bullets. According … Read more

19 Nations, One Mission: British Special Forces’ Classified Operations Exposed

In a covert operation spanning from 2011 till present, Britain’s elite special forces infiltrated the shadows of 19 nations, including Nigeria, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, and the depths of Sudan’s treacherous terrain. In a startling revelation, the charity Action against Armed Violence (AOAV) has unveiled a clandestine world of British special forces. The report claims that … Read more

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