Outstanding characteristics enable Russian missiles to disrupt Ukraine’s air defence system.

Ukrainian authorities acknowledge that Russian cruise missiles have a unique feature that makes it easier for them to get past Ukraine’s air defence systems. According to an officer of the Ukrainian army’s 138th Air Defense Brigade who is in charge of defending the airspace over the city of Dnipro, according to the Defense Express website, … Read more

Watch as a cruise missile is shot down by the self-propelled anti-aircraft gun Gepard.

Recently, Ukrainian military published a video showing the German-supplied Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery system in action. Gepard is seen in this video shooting down a cruise missile that was purportedly used in a Russian attack on December 5. Using this technique to shoot down a missile in midair is demonstrated in a video that has … Read more

In eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian forces shot down a $ 16.2 million Russian Ka-52 helicopter.

On December 4, 2022, it is reported that a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile struck a Russian military Ka-52 helicopter in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian army’s Dneprovsk anti-aircraft missile brigade fired a missile that struck the Ka-52 helicopter. The Ka-52 helicopter crashed to the ground after being hit by a missile; the pilot did not open the … Read more

One-third of Ukraine’s artillery aid is currently dysfunctional.

For the purpose of repairing these damaged howitzers, the Pentagon is claimed to have established a repair facility close across the Ukraine-Poland border. According to sources cited by the New York Times on November, the US Department of Defense has a problem with the frequency with which Western-made artillery pieces sent to Ukraine sustain damage … Read more

Mr.Zelensky estimates that 10 million Ukrainians lack access to electricity.

Following numerous Russian missile attacks, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, 10 million people in this country are without electricity. Zelensky claimed that a power outage on November 17 in the evening in Ukraine was caused by Russian missile attacks in his daily video address. According to Zelensky, more than 10 million Ukrainians are currently … Read more

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