In the Donbass region, Russia claims to have gained control of a strategic area.

After several days of intense fighting, the Russian military declared that it had taken control of a key location on the Donetsk battlefield in the east. On November 14, the Russian Defense Ministry declared that it had taken control of a significant eastern town from Ukraine. Russia said that seizing Pavlivka may serve as a … Read more

On the Kherson Battlefield, 40,000 Russian soldiers are preparing to ambush the Ukrainian army ?

On the battlefield in Kherson, the Ukrainian Army is moving forward swiftly, but are they about to stumble into a Russian army ambush? Russian and Ukrainian media are reporting that the Ukrainian counteroffensive operation in Kherson has officially started. Russian troops are thought to number around 40,000 overall in the Kherson region, according to a … Read more

The Russian aircraft was shot down by the NASAM air defence system shortly after it entered the conflict.

American NASAMS air defence system has now recorded its first kill, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Despite having just arrived in Ukraine a week ago, the US-supplied NASAMS air defence system entered the conflict right away and is said to have shot down an enemy aircraft. The US has confirmed that the NASAMS … Read more

Russian air defence says it shot down a Ukrainian helicopter and deflected HIMAR missiles.

On November 5, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov reported that Russian air defence systems shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter and deflected 27 HIMARS missiles. “A Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter was shot down by air defence near Ugledar in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). Furthermore, 27 HIMARS missiles were also shot down close to … Read more

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