Ukraine is constantly being “dumped with cold water” about its ability to defeat Russia in a conflict

Although Kyiv is supplied with a large amount of modern weapons by the West, even top US generals and former senior aide to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky have doubts about Ukraine’s military fortunes. According to Aleksey Arestovich, a former senior adviser to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, there is no guarantee that Kiev will be able … Read more

The efficiency of the US bomb GLSDB, a weapon that can penetrate Russia’s red line

There are reports that the West will give Ukraine US GLSDB bombs. This is a potent weapon. Russia quickly cautioned the West against doing so. The Kremlin warned on January 19 that if the West gives Ukraine more weaponry that can strike targets in Russia, tensions would worsen. A day after it was claimed that … Read more

Would Ukraine be the target of a serious strike now that so many Russian ships have left their base?

The abrupt departure of the majority of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s Kalibr missile ships from the port of Novorossiysk raised some eyebrows. Israeli military analyst Yakov Kedmi was quoted by the Russian daily Pravda as saying that it was not totally coincidence that the majority of the navy fleet’s warships “disappeared” from the base. … Read more

Pentagon can send Stryker armoured vehicles to Ukraine.

According to our correspondent, the Pentagon is considering include Stryker armour in the upcoming military aid package for Ukraine. According to two unidentified US defence officials quoted by my correspondent on January 9, the Stryker infantry fighting vehicle could assist Ukraine in fending off the potential that Russia will launch a significant offensive in the … Read more

How do the US and the rest of the West transport weapons to Ukraine?

Logistical help provided by the West to Ukraine is another significant component in addition to the vast amount of aid weapons. The US Transportation Command has made a visual public that shows the precise quantity of weapons and equipment that has been sent to Ukraine. This White House image shows the availability of goods from … Read more

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