Russian Fighter Jet Plays Dangerous Game with Kyiv’s NASAMS, IRIS-T, and S-300 Systems

As per the military command in Kyiv, it has been reported that the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) have adopted a new strategy. Specifically, Russian fighter aircraft have been observed to operate in an offensive operational posture in the air, with reduced frequency of patrol flights. Reports suggest that Russian warplanes have been deliberately encroaching into … Read more

Unstoppable and Deadly: Lancet Suicide UAV Defies Electronic Warfare Systems

The Ukrainian military has come to the realization that their electronic warfare systems are ineffective against the Russian Lancet suicide drone. The Ukrainian military has been actively trying to counter the threat posed by Russian Lancet suicide attack drones using electronic warfare (EW) systems. Despite their efforts, it has become evident that Ukraine can only … Read more

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