CSIS: The US could lose 900 aircrafts if the Taiwan crisis escalates.

According to CSIS estimate, if a confrontation occurs in the Taiwan Strait, the US may lose up to 900 warplanes. On August 14, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a renowned independent policy research centre in Washington, USA, published the findings of a study on the harm of the parties in the situation … Read more

These Chinese missiles are reported to be capable of destroying a US Navy aircraft carrier from a distance of 3,000 kilometres.

The US has sent ships to the waters around Taiwan in the wake of Nancy Pelosi’s visit to that country. China may have the largest navy in the world, but it falls short of the US in terms of might. For this reason, it has been concentrating on creating “carrier-killers.” Beijing is aware that its … Read more

If Pelosi visits Taiwan, China declares that the military “will not sit quietly by.”

If House Speaker Pelosi travelled to Taiwan, the US would face dire repercussions, the Foreign Ministry of China said. “If Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, visits Taiwan, the Chinese military won’t stand by and do nothing. She holds the third-ranking position in the US government, and a trip to Taiwan will … Read more

Revealing information about China’s new generation of stealth fighters

China is advancing the KJ-600 warning aircraft and a new generation of stealth fighters to meet up with the technology needs aboard aircraft carriers. To serve the aircraft carrier Fujian, the Chinese military is attempting to construct a new stealth fighter and warning aircraft. At the moment, mainland aircraft carriers like the Liaoning and Shandong … Read more