US-Philippines in Talks for State-of-the-Art Multirole F-16s

The Philippines had made preparations to finalize a deal to acquire 14 JAS38 Gripen fighters manufactured by Sweden for approximately $1 billion this year. However, the United States government recently extended an offer to transfer a squadron of F-16 multirole fighters, which are considered top-of-the-line, to bolster the country’s minimum credible defense capability. The U.S. … Read more

How many nuclear submarines does China possess?

Analysts examine the noteworthy aspects of China’s nuclear submarine fleet in light of recent reports that the country has installed new intercontinental ballistic missiles on its submarines. The US fleet in the Pacific informed the public last month that China has added additional long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles to its ballistic missile submarines. After learning that … Read more

In the South China Sea, China is alleged to be obstructing Philippine naval vessels.

According to the vice-admiral of the Philippine Naval, the Philippine navy boat was obstructed by a Chinese coast guard ship, which broke the rope while hauling an object in the South China Sea. According to Vice Admiral Alberto Carlos, commander of the Philippine army’s Western Command (WESCOM), the Chinese coast guard was there on November … Read more

Taiwan unveiled a suicide drone known as the “carrier killer”

A number of drones, including a radiation-resistant suicide UAV they dubbed “carrier killer,” were on display at Zhongshan Institute of Technology in Taiwan. The anti-radiation drone “Jianxiang” (Sword Wall) was presented to journalists, according to the Chinese website Huanqiu. This type of anti-radar attack drone, which has an operating radius of over 1000 km, can … Read more

Taiwan claims that Chinese vessels and aircraft frequently harass the island.

On October 11, Taiwanese officials claimed that Beijing increased tension by stationing warships and aircraft close to the island almost every day. On October 11, Taiwan’s defence chief, Qiu Guozheng, claimed that mainland China dispatched four to six warships sailing close to the island every day. The Chinese military also sent out a large number … Read more

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